BEACO2N is a new strategy for understanding green house gases (GHGs) and air quality at street level in near real time, giving pedestrians, companies, and policy-makers unique insight into their GHG emissions and air quality experiences. Instead of using a small number of highly sensitive instruments to measure GHGs and air quality, we blanket interesting locations with a network of sensors - called 'nodes' -  approximately 1 mile (2km) apart from each other. Although our individual nodes are less precise than the highly sensitive traditional sensors, when working as part of a network, our nodes create a highly detailed map of CO2 and pollutants in our air. Our nodes are sampling the air for 6 gases and also aerosol in the same locations, every minute of the day. The data provides a clear route to evaluating the effectiveness of local and regional efforts to reduce GHG emissions, improve air quality, improve environmental equity and reduce the detrimental effects of emissions on public health.

**COP26 Highlight - BEACO2N nodes are live and recording in Glasgow, Scotland! See the local air quality during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in real time by selecting 'Glasgow' in the Select Area drop down menu above the map**